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Afternoon: The Rehabilitation of The Pearl

With the Spaniards, the Germans are the immigrants who have most marked the history of San Antonio, when they landed in the middle of the nineteenth century with, in their suitcases, wheat flour and hops: it is to them that we owe the white tortillas of Tex-Mex cuisine and the proliferation of microbreweries in San Antonio. One of the most famous is the Pearl, first because it was the only one to continue its activities during the Prohibition – it was made sodas and sweets – but also because it is the subject of a vast project of rehabilitation since 2000. With a result, it must be confessed, superb.

Some independent shops occupy the buildings leading from the street to the inner courtyard, where you will not miss seeing children play. Because the set also includes housing, the most expensive square foot of San Antonio.

Tourists, they will be able to go there according to their budget, because one also varied the supply of the restaurants with the opening of a cheap food fair, last autumn.

In the addresses not to be missed, it is essential to take the time to visit the new hotel Emma. It serves the cocktail of the same name, named in honor of Emma Kohler, wife of Otto Kohler, who led the brewery after the murder of her husband by his mistress … Emma, ​​he wanted to leave for a third Emma! Hence the maxim that is served with a glass of Emma: "A [cocktail Emma] is good. Two is bad. Three, it will kill you! [ One is good, two is bad, three will kill you )] »

Evening: sitting at the table at the Pearl

San Antonio hosts one of three Culinary Institutes in the United States, a factor that has also weighed in San Antonio's candidacy as a UNESCO Creative Culinary City. The Nao of the Institute's students is probably the best value for the Pearl, even if the decor is not the nicest in the area.

Cocktail and meat lovers will prefer Cured, one of the Pearl's most famous tables, nestled in an old administrative building. It specializes in meats, but it also offers a "poutine" not bad, although it has little to do with the "Quebecoise" combo of fries and fried beef, topped with beef, melted cheese and marinated cauliflower. We will then go to the Jazz Tx, which hosts musicians on stage from Tuesday to Saturday evening. Part of the travel expenses for this report was paid by the San Antonio Tourist Board.

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