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He has been falling for almost two hours when one of the leaders of the new White Mountains Huttopia site comes to our tent. Are you holding on? . "

Thunderstorms and heavy rain did not come to an end with our "Canadian" tent, which resisted very well, or even our enthusiasm. But this little attention demonstrates one thing: we are well received here

The French Huttopia concept is well established on the other side of the Atlantic. In North America, these all-inclusive camping tents were known thanks to the SEPAQ, which installed them in several of its parks. However, the Huttopia "villages" are only beginning to make their way here. The first one in North America was born two years ago in Sutton, the second one has just opened its doors in North Conway, in New Hampshire.

From one Huttopia site to another, we replicate a formula. It offers several types of accommodation, in which bedding and all kitchen equipment are provided. There is also a heated swimming pool, children's play areas and a restaurant with a limited menu. It is possible to plant its own tent, but most people go in Huttopia for the so-called glamping experience, neologism invented to describe camping which is so luxurious that it is not really any more. Some tents even have a complete bathroom!

What differentiates the stay of one site Huttopia to another, it is the place where the village is implanted. As such, it is a safe bet that anyone who has just opened in the White Mountains will quickly win the favor of Quebeckers who know the region or who want to make a stop en route to the beaches of the American East Coast.

At about fifteen minutes by car from the site, it is a playground in the forest that opens up to the campers, including, if one rolls a little more, the famous Mount Washington. Whether on foot for pride or for the less seasoned, in the car, even then to buy the famous sticker "This car climbed Mount Washington" …

The White Mountains, however, do not stop at their emblematic mountain and many less challenging paths are open to walkers.

The area boasts many natural attractions, but also many attractions that will remind many of the past holidays of the United States. From mini-golf to water slides, not forgetting the "outlets" advertised on the road with great blows of giant billboards, there is something to look out of the forest. Back to Huttopia, it will be possible to go canoeing or paddle surfing standing on the edge of the small private lake.

In short, it is a great success that this first village Huttopia in earth American. If the site was still running during our stay, the weekend of the opening, the warm reception more than compensated for the imperfections.


Price paid for one night: 140 $ US

Location: Next to the White Mountains National Forest, on the road to the beaches of the East Coast.

Services: Free internet, sanitary blocks with showers, restaurant, outdoor heated swimming pool, boat rental.

We like: Affable service, basketball court and ping-pong table for family fun

We love less: the exchange rate that increases the price of this luxury campsite … but things are improving

A place to recommend for: families, hikers who explore the White Mountains.

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