Public Relations. For everyone.

PressOcean is a beautifully designed platform to manage your company’s public relations and source the right content.


Manage your PR

PressOcean is all you need to be great at developing public relations for your company or start-up, in one place.

Our software is tailored around your needs and helps you to create and manage your company’s press relations with ease. PressOcean creates your press room which is optimised for press, search engines and social media. It handles all your press releases, press kits, and clippings. It helps you distribute your news, monitor results and it will streamline the process so your marketing team will love it!

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Create compelling content

Create your press releases using our SmartPR tool that helps you write articles that stand out.

Whether you are a top-notch marketing professional, or you’re going to write your first press release - our software helps you to create your own story to inspire journalists and bloggers to write about your company, service or product. Add high-resolution images ready for print and video clips, audio clips and documents to tell the world an engaging story.

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Get your story out there

Our software provides various means of distributing your news and press releases to your target audience.

Our software will help you to distribute a press release to your imported press contacts, and you even can send personalised emails and schedule the delivery.

All journalists and bloggers subscribed to our services and monitoring your company, industry or tags will receive your press release in a matter of seconds after it’s been published.

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Access it everywhere

Optimised for desktop and mobile devices, and ready for use on the go.

Your press room is optimised for mobile browsing, so you know that whenever and wherever journalists read your press release they get the best possible experience.

Plus, you can view, comment and approve press releases while you are on the go, maximising your productivity.

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Analyse it

Monitor and analyse your PR campaign with your instant overview so you’re ready to react positively, and plan your next move.

After all, it’s all about results. With PressOcean you can see each and every detail of how your press release and email campaign progresses, as well as how journalists and bloggers react to your story. We give you the ultimate tool to keep track of your list of sources, referrals, social media and email tracking.

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PressOcean Flexible Pricing

Our software is absolutely free during the beta period. After the public release we will offer our users a variety of subscription plans, starting from just $19 per month.

There are no contracts or setup fees, you can pay monthly and cancel anytime. Start your 15-day free trial with an unlimited account today and you can pick the right plan for you later. No credit card details are required.